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Reduce Your Corporate Tax Bill and Transfer Your Corporate Assets to Your Family Tax Free

Established in 1999 our mission is two fold:
Help Canadian business owners, medical professionals, and retirees reduce their corporate tax bill using tax-exempt life insurance.
Share our unique tax-effective strategies on transferring corporate assets to the next generation.

Best Life Insurance Rates

We research all the Canadian insurance companies offering not only offering the best rates and products, but have the best ratings so that your plan will be safe and secure.

We’re an independent brokerage, which means we don’t work for any particular company. We’re not tied to any particular company. We’re in this for your best interest and not for any particular company.

Dealing with us and letting us steer you into the right insurance vehicle is going to guarantee that, not only are you getting the right product with the right company, but you’re going to get the best rate overall.

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Is Corporate Insurance Right For You?

Do you have surplus cash flow in your business held in a holding company to house passive investments that is not required for day-to-day operations?

Do you want to reduce your corporate taxes on investment income?

Would you like to transfer taxable corporate investments into a tax-deferred investment vehicle?

Do you want to leave your corporate assets to your family tax free?

Do you want to minimize capital gains tax upon the deemed disposition if shares upon death?

Would you like those “locked-in” assets to be paid as a tax free dividend through the Capital Dividend Account?

Do you want to immediately increase the value of your estate?

Do you want a plan that can protect you and your family from creditors?

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