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Established in 1999, our mission is to help Canadian business owners reduce their corporate tax bill.

We are an independent brokerage and are not affiliated with any particular company.

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We research the companies offering, not only the best products and rates, but have the best ratings so that your corporate assets will be safe and secure.

About the Owner

“Someone is going to profit form all your hard work. Should it be Revenue Canada or your family?”

Rino Racanelli is a nationally known writer and a regular contributor at Canadian Money Saver magazine. Rino is widely considered a leading authority on corporate tax shelters and has written articles on the subject that many of the banks and investment companies refuse to discuss.

Licenced in several Canadian provinces for over 25 years, Rino has been showing Canadian business owners the almost unheard methods of increasing their net cash flow while protecting their assets to pass on to future generations.

His educational background includes, graduate of: The University of Toronto, Seneca College, The Canadian Securities Course, The Canadian Investment Funds Course, and The Life Underwriters Association Training Course.

During his 22 year career, Rino has been a recipient of several awards, including: The Multi Million Dollar Club, Century Sales Club, Top Producers Club, and received the prestige Agency Builder Award.

Rino is a sought after personal finance speaker, and has delivered over 100 seminars across Canada. His investment techniques are embraced by investors around the nation because they are simple, easy to understand and virtually fail proof. But probably most importantly, he is a sought out simply because his techniques work.

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If you’re a successful business owner of a privately-owned Canadian company and are looking for a tax break on your corporate assets, then you have come to the right website. Like most successful business owners that have extra cash flow, you may have set up a holding company to house these passive assets.

These surplus investments are tied up in a taxable environment that increases the tax burden on your company’s bottom line. This includes taxes on investment income at high corporate rates as well as dividends when they are distributed to shareholders. It may also include capital gains tax on the value of assets when shares in the company are sold at death.

Withdrawing and transferring these amounts from your company to your heirs could mean a high tax bill and a less than optimal after-tax estate value.

Eventually you would like these assets to grow in a tax-advantaged savings plan. You might also want to pass on these amounts to heirs on a tax-free basis.

Working with us we can design a customized Corporate Asset Transfer Plan. This pan will allow you to transfer a portion of your company’s investment portfolio from a taxable environment into a tax-deferred environment. By making this transfer, you could significantly reduce the amount of tax that your company pays on investment earnings. In addition the life insurance benefit immediately increases the value that you pass on to your heirs and can be passed on through tax free dividends from your company’s Capital Dividend Account (CDA)

Whether the solution is universal life or whole life, we shop the insurance market daily looking for the best corporate insurance rates out there.

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